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The Breton horse GIP gives way to a new associative structure: FRANCE GENETIQUE CHEVAL BRETON

Concretely in 2023 FRANCE GENETIC BRETON HORSE with provision of fresh semen to breeders from Lamballe The structure no longer offers installation For installation, breeders will have to call on their veterinarian or a private inseminator There is therefore an invoice for genetic transport of doses if sending semen by carrier made by the FRANCE GENETIQUE association and an invoice for setting up your inseminator or veterinarian for the actions carried out.

France Génétique Cheval Breton aims to set up and manage an interregional organization, intended to enable Breton draft horse breeders to have collective genetics with a view to safeguarding the breed and improving the genetic heritage and diversification of ways of valorizing equines.

The association is managed by a council of 10 members

Arnaud Lecuyer Vice-president of the Brittany Regional Council representing the Brittany region
Fabien Vitel President of the Mixed Syndicate of Haras de Lamballe representing the Mixed Syndicate of Haras de Lamballe
Sylvain Cruaud, Guy Le Corfec, Bernard Magueur and Ludovic Michard for the National Breton Draft Horse Association
Stéphane de Luca representing stallion rental companies for Brittany/Pays de Loire
Eric Labedade for other breeding regions of the breed
Sylvie Cadel and Laurie Le Bras for users of artificial insemination services

Composition of the office:
President: Ludovic Michard
Vice-president: Sylvain Cruaud
Treasurer: Stéphane De Luca
Secretary: Sylvie Cadel