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The Breton horse

Several subtypes of Breton horses grouped under the breed "Breton Horse" have historically existed, each coming from a specific area of ​​Brittany. Today, the breed has two types, the Breton postman is employed as well for the coupling as for the work of the fields. The Breton line, the largest and most powerful of all, was formerly intended for the heavy line.

Type postier

Type trait

Conserving this breed is of both heritage and biodiversity conservation interest. This is all the more true since this breed is considered a race threatened with disappearance in the same way as the eight other French breeds of draft (Cob Normand, Poitevin, Boulonnais, Auxois, Percheron ...).

For the Brittany Region, it is therefore essential to support this breed in the same way as the other small animal breeds in Brittany which are the subject of a specific partnership with the support of the Armorique Natural Park (Bretonne Pie Noir, Armoricaine, Léon wheat, Western white pork, Ditch goat, Belle-île sheep ...).

Second race of French draft, it is nonetheless very fragile and depends mainly on a multitude of small amateur owners (60% of breeders have only one broodmare).

To find out more about the Breton horse, you can consult the website of the National Association of the Breton Draft Horse